Due to unforeseen circumstances the email addresses for our district have changed to the following format:

In instances where this does not apply please see the Personnel Directory on the District Website. The Website will be updated with current directory information by Friday, September 4th.

Thank you for your patience during this transition. If you have problems contacting anyone please call their respective school offices or the District Office for assistance in facilitiating communication.

Health & Safety


Our district is proactive in providing parents with information that benefits the health and safety of students and demonstrates our commitment to the well being of all faculty, staff, students and visitors. Please feel free to explore the links below.

Click here to view the curriculum guidelines for human sexuality education (as required by board policy IGAB and ORS.336.455 and OAR 581.022.1440).

Click here to take a free course on Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Conduct Training (as required per board policy JHFE and JHFF).

Click here to view our staff training on the prevention, identification and obligations to report child abuse and employee sexual conduct (as required under Oregon HB 2062).

Click here to view the Tsunami Map for the Warrenton area.

Click here for information on Student Insurance.



     Report Staff Misconduct

     Safety Training Online

     Call the Training Helpline (1-866-724-6650, Opt. 4)

     Talk to a Knowledgeable Safety Specialist (1-866-724-6650, Opt. 1)

     District Safety Plans, Policies & Procedures

     Safety Articles & Information

     Government Safety Regulations

     Get a Material Safety Data Sheet

     PublicSchoolWORKS Home Page