The Warrenton Schools Foundation

The Warrenton Schools Foundation
Mission Statement
Our mission is to fund projects that will strengthen the academic program in the district, improve the physical campus at each school, and enrich the variety of extra-curricular activities so that all students have the opportunity to excel both inside and outside the classroom.
The Warrenton Schools Foundation (originally the Warrenton Hall of Fame Foundation) was created in 2007 after the Warrenton-Hammond School District Governing Board reinstated funding for coaches salaries after pay for most coaching positions was eliminated in 2004 due to severe budget cuts.  From 2004 through 2006, a Dinner/Auction was held and sponsorships were sold to raise money to pay coaches at the middle school and high school.  This challenge was met as over $50,000 was raised each of those three years.  The 4th annual event, which was held September 22, 2007 at Camp Rilea, became a Hall of Fame Induction Banquet instead of a fund-raising auction.  Three athletic teams, one coach, two distinguished faculty members, and one community contributor/alumni were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  The transition from fund-raising dinner to recognition banquet was a huge success.

The Foundation continues to solicit sponsorships from individuals, families, businesses, and corporations for a fund that is used to provide resources to help all activities, academic and extra-curricular, for all students at the high school.  It is not just an athletic fund anymore. Estates, memorials, or any other form of donation are also accepted and all donations are tax-deductible.  Donors can specify if they would like their money to go to a specific program or a specific purchase or project and it sill be used for their desired purpose.  The proceeds from the Dinner pay all the expenses of the dinner and for honoring the Hall of Fame inductees allowing all sponsorship and donated monies to be available for the kids of Warrenton.

If you are interested in becoming a Warrenton Schools Foundation Sponsor or wish to make a donation of another kind, please download the form below or contact any member of the Board of Directors by phone or by clicking on their name to send them an e-mail.

President - Rod Heyen at (503) 861-3317

Vice President - Jim Hackwith at (503) 861-3317

Secretary - Krista Patterson at (503) 440-1806

Director - Loren Gramson at (503) 861-1759

Treasurer - Jeanne Hyatt at (503) 861-3317


To see the names of year-by-year sponsors, click on the links below: