WGS Counseling

Warrenton Grade School Counseling Department

Contact Information:

Mary Moore-Suever, MEd, MA, LPC
Warrenton Grade School 
820 SW Cedar
Warrenton, OR 97146


Mary Suever is Warrenton Grade School's Homeless Liaison.  Please contact her at the above number, or at 503-861-3300 ext 224, or stop by the school if you need any type of assistance and she will gladly offer support.

Homework Club 

Targeting 4th through 8th grade students who need extra tutoring, this after-school program helps students complete their work and keep up with their studies.  All students sign up for the program through their teachers and must have signed parental permission slips. 

The Lunch Buddy Program 

A wonderful adult mentoring program pairing one adult with a child during lunch and recess.  The adult and child assigned meet once a week to have school lunch, share pleasant conversation, and receive individual attention.  This is a wonderful program that benefits the children and adults involved in a supervised school setting.  Please contact us if you would like to be an adult Lunch Buddy!

Food Backpack Program  Click here to See Donation Wish List

This program is one that the school offers any family who may need extra food for their children on weekends.  Each family designates a child to carry a backpack containing food and snacks for the weekend on Fridays and on Mondays, the children bring the empty backpacks back to school.   Volunteers, donated money and food items support this program.  Please contact Mary Suever if you would like to benefit from this program or if you would like to donate.

Career Field Trip

Each year, the 7th graders go on a class field trip to further investigate the trades and various career paths.  Some of the field trips in the past have been to Women in the Trades, a Career Fair in Portland, Clatsop Community College, Maritime Museum and MERTS, all in Astoria. 

  Previous years photos here. 

County Spelling Bee Competition 

Local students from around the county compete in the spring at the Clatsop County Spelling Contest.  Students at Warrenton compete to see who will represent the school in Division I (grades 1-5) and Division II (grades 6-8), which is held at the local ESD in Astoria.  Winners go to State in the summer and compete with other champions from other counties.

Mental Math Competition

In late spring, the Clatsop Community College holds the Mental Math Competion for area students in Washington and Oregon.  Generally around 150 students gather together to compete in this 3rd through 8th grade level compettion., Accompanied by family, teachers, and college staff, these students energetically compete using their mental math computational skills.

Talented and Gifted Program

At Warrenton Grade School, we honor the talented and gifted student by practicing differentiation and accelerated studies when applicable.  Referrals for further testing are accepted from staff, parents, and community members.  Please contact Mary Suever, WGS Counselor and licensed School Psychologist.