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Contact Information:  

Mrs. Pamel Keuter

WHS School Counselor

WHS Phone: 503-861-3317 x117

Email: keuterpk@warrentonk12.org

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If you have questions about graduation requirements, CLICK on the link above or contact Mrs.Keuter or Mr.Heyen at WHS.

WHS School Counseling Program Mission

The Warrenton High School Counseling Program promotes the formation of productive and responsible citizens by supporting the academic, personal/social, and career development of all students.

Feel free to contact the counselor for help such as:
My student's class load is too challenging (or not challenging enough), what can I do? What classes do I need to take to graduate from WHS?
Our family has special circumstances right now, who should we notify? What classes do I need to take to be accepted into college?
How do I read my transcript to be sure I'm on track for graduation? Am I on track for college? What tests do I need to take, when, and how do I sign up? PSAT? Compass? SAT? ACT?
Contact Mrs. Pamela Keuter, WHS School Counselor anytime.