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820 SW Cedar, Warrenton, OR 97146
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The Warrenton-Hammond School District strives to produce productive citizens who can achieve academic excellence, model integrity, as well as respect authority and one another.

Mission Statement

[L]earning opportunities for
[E]ach student to
[A]cquire the skills and knowledge to be
[R]esponsible and productive citizens
[N]ow and in the future

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Superintendent:  Mark Jeffery

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Special Education

Vision Statement: Committed to Individual Success!

WHS Counseling

Welcome to the Warrenton High School Counseling Department Web Page


The State of Oregon passed the Talented and Gifted Education Act during the l987 legislative session. The mandate is based on sound principles and research regarding the needs of talented and gifted students. It has required a dramatic shift in thinking for parents, educators, and students alike. The law speaks directly to assessing individual needs of students. The regular classroom teacher has become the major player in providing appropriate services.