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Ian O'Brien

Vice Principal

Mr. O'Brien earned a Bachelor of Science in History from Eastern Oregon University in 2008 and completed his MAT from Eastern Oregon in 2009. Upon completing his MAT he began his teaching career at Warrenton High School as a social science teacher. As a teacher Mr. O'Brien taught U.S. Government, Economics, Personal Finance (SIW), Current Events and Weights from 2009-2015. During his last couple of years at Warrenton HS, Mr. O'Brien completed his IAL from the Universtiy of Concordia-Chicago. 

Most recently Mr. O'Brien served as the Vice Principal and Athletic Director from 2015-2017 at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, OR. Mr. O'Brien will be in his first year back at Warrenton High School serving as Vice Principal. Mr. O'Brien also teachs weights and serves as the head football coach. 

Ian is married to Danielle and they have three kids together, London (10), Madden (3) and Briar (1). 


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