Due to unforeseen circumstances the email addresses for our district have changed to the following format:

In instances where this does not apply please see the Personnel Directory on the District Website. The Website will be updated with current directory information by Friday, September 4th.

Thank you for your patience during this transition. If you have problems contacting anyone please call their respective school offices or the District Office for assistance in facilitiating communication.

Warrenton-Hammond School District

District Home Page
Superintendent:  Mark Jeffery

Phone: (503) 861-2281  |  Fax:  (503) 861-2911
820 SW Cedar, Warrenton, OR  97146

Warrenton High School

High School Home Page
Principal: Rod Heyen  |  Head Secretary: Jeanne Hyatt

Phone: (503) 861-3317  |  FAX: (503) 861-2997
1700 S Main Ave, Warrenton, OR  97146

Warrenton Grade School

Grade School Home Page
Principal: Tom Rogozinski  |  Vice Principal: Robbie Porter

Phone: (503) 861-3376  |  Fax: (503) 861-3378
820 SW Cedar, Warrenton, OR  97146

Warrenton Prep

Warrenton Prep Home Page
Preschool Supervisor: Ruby Leo

Phone: (503) 861-2281  |  Fax: (503) 861-2911
820 SW Cedar, Warrenton, OR  97146