20-21 School Year Updates

Dear WHSD Parents:

 Yesterday, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) published an update to its original guidance on reopening schools across the state in the fall. The Warrenton Hammond School District continues to develop and refine its reopening plans in light of this evolving guidance from ODE and within the context of our local community.

 Our plans for next year are being crafted with the following principles in mind:

1. Ensure safety and wellness. The decision to return to in‐school learning must be driven by health and safety considerations. In planning, prioritize basic needs such as food, shelter, and wellness and create the conditions to support mental, social, and emotional health of students and staff.
2. Cultivate connection and relationships. Quality learning experiences require deep interpersonal relationships and a learning environment where people feel safe, seen and valued. Especially in the midst of returning to school settings from an extended school closure, supporting students and families should begin with connection and relationship.
3. Provide equitable access. Educational and related programs must be able accessible by every student and every family we serve.
4. Innovate. The complex situation in which education currently exists requires creativity and innovation in order to best meet the learning needs of each student.

With these principles in mind, the district is working in collaboration with our local public health authorities to bring students to campus next year to the extent possible, while being as safe as possible. Our planning is currently focused on having our youngest learners (ideally those in K through 5th grades) on the WGS campus for instruction four days a week.  Our planning for students in grades 6th – 8th  is also focused on students having four days of in-person learning each week with students at the WGS campus two days a week and at another location in our community two days a week. (We are still working out these details.)  Finally, I am working with our high school administrators to optimize the number of students we can safely have in the classrooms each day. It is important to note that even if we are able to sustain the levels of on-campus learning in this preferred model, there will be a need for concurrent distance learning.  Our district is planning so that the distance learning part of this hybrid model is robust and in sync with the instruction students receive on site.

We also recognize that many parents are considering an entirely online learning option for their children next year.  If you are one of those parents, we hope you will consider enrolling your child/ren in our district-sponsored virtual education program.    The Warrenton Academy of Virtual Education (WAVE) is free and open to any K – 12 WHSD student whose family would like a distance learning option.  You can learn more about the program and submit an initial interest form at this website: 


Finally, we will be sharing our plans for next school year in more detail at a WHSD Board of Directors Work Session next Thursday, July 30th at 7 p.m. You will be able to join virtually and the meeting notice with a link to the meeting will be published early next week.  

I hope you are able to join us then.


Tom Rogozinski

WHSD Superintendent