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Warrenton Academy of Virtual Education (WAVE)


Where Online Doesn't Mean on Your Own


 A distance-learning program sponsored by the Warrenton-Hammond School District with instruction and support provided by district staff members.

Open to any Warrenton-Hammond School District student in grades K-12 whose parents prefer an online learning option for their child or children next year.

The district will provide:

  • A Chromebook for each student
  • An orientation and ongoing support for students and parents.
  • An interactive and organized digital curriculum at every grade level.
  • Regular virtual meetings and support from WHSD staff members.
  • Special services such as English Language Learning, Talented and Gifted, and special education provided by WHSD staff members.
  • The opportunity to come to campus for academic support as needed.
  • The opportunity to receive support from school counselors either virtually or in-person
  • The opportunity to participate in WGS and WHS clubs, programs, and athletics
  • The opportunity to stay connected to our school community


Need more information or have questions? Contact us HERE and we will get back to you!