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Safety and Security

Student safety is a top priority of the Warrenton-Hammond School District. From the time students step on the morning bus until they walk out of school in the late afternoon, District staff are watching out to ensure that they arrive home safe and sound.
Students are with us several hours a day and nothing is more inportant to our teachers, coaches, and support staff than providing them with a positive and secure learning environment.
The Warrenton-Hammond School District has procedures in place to ensure a best response to emergencies. Our schools practice evacuation, lockdown/lockout, and tsunami drills on a regular basis so students and staff will be prepared if a real emergency happens. 
In addition to the proactive strategies above the Warrenton-Hammond School District also takes part in the SafeOregon program. This program allows for students and adults to notify district personnel of any concern involving a student or our schools. Let us be alert and vigilant as we try our best to keep WHSD school safe for our young people who come to learn every day.