Bond News

WHSD Bond Construction Projects Update

June  2021


WHSD Families and Community Members:


As most of you know, in November 2018 the communities of Warrenton and Hammond voted to support a $38.5 million bond to fund several facility construction and upgrades in our district.  With matching grants, bond premiums, and interest the total funding for these projects came to $45.5 million.


   At that time the list of proposed projects included:

Location                                                                 Proposed Project

New School Site                                                   Purchase Land for Master Campus

New School Site                                                   Construction of New Mid-School

New School Site                                                   Furnishings, Equipment for New Mid-School

Warrenton High School                                       Replace Roofing

Warrenton High School                                       Replace Windows

Warrenton Grade School                                     Replace Siding

Warrenton High School                                       Finish/ Equip CTE Building

WHS & WGS                                                          Upgrade/Replace Intercoms

WHS & WGS                                                          Security Entry Doors

WHS & WGS                                                          Upgrade Telecommunications

WHS & WGS                                                          Security Camera Upgrades


I am pleased to report that each of these projects is either complete or scheduled for completion by late August.  Furthermore, since these projects have come in under budget the district has been in the fortunate position of adding or in some cases expanding the scope of the facilities projects.


Here is an update on each of the proposed and added projects:


1.  Purchase of land for a master campus and construction of the Warrenton Middle School Campus: 


The district purchased 58 acres off of Dolphin Road (just above the Oregon State Police barracks) that will eventually serve as a single master campus for the all schools in the district.  The new Warrenton Middle School is the first campus on the new site.  The new Warrenton Middle School campus will be ready to go in time for the start of school next September. Here are a few recent pics:


Aierial 2    Aerial West


2.  Warrenton High School Career and Technical Education Center opened in November of 2019.
This CTE center now houses our Automotive Technology and Welding programs which have served close to 100 students each of the past two school years.
CTE Exterior     CTE Interior
3.  Safety and Security Projects: 
  1. New intercom systems have been installed at both the grade school and high school campuses. These allow for office announcements to reach all classrooms and locations in each building or for announcements to be targeted to certain zone or zones.  The new system enable comprehensive communication on the campuses and improve our capacity to communicate in the event of an emergency.
  2. A security vestibule has been installed at Warrenton Grade School and a security "buzz-in" door is being installed at the main entrance to Warrenton High School this summer.
                                                             WGS Security Vestibule
4.  Upgrades and Renovations
  1. High School Roof and Windows: A new roof and new windows have been installed at Warrenton High School
  2. Grade School Siding:  The work to replace the obviously worn siding on Warrenton Grade School Started this week and will be finished in August.
WGS Worn Siding       Siding Tear Off Begins
5.  Additional Projects:
The district has been in the fortunate position of having the total cost of the originally proposed projects come in well under budget. This has enabled us to get a couple more projects done than first planned. The two additional projects are:
  1. The exterior of the Warrenton High School will be painted this summer.
  2. The district's track and field facility (on the grade school campus) is getting renovated this summer. Here is a rendering of the renovated facility.
aerial track

In summary, on behalf of Warrenton Hammond School District students, families, staff and Board of Directors, I thank our community for their support of this bond.  Our district has an unwavering commitment to using these funds to the fullest in support of our kids.  We believe these projects accomplish just that.


Thank you, again, for your support.




Tom Rogozinski


Warrenton Hammond School District